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This town is a must see in any trip to Colombia. Zapatoca can be found two hours from Bucaramanga. It is a wonderful place that can surprise you, and the design and structure of this town allows visitors to take a bike tour, taste delicious meals, rest in places with the most incredible views and even go caving if you’re feeling adventurous.

The town has temperatures of 20 ° C in the warm zones, next to the Suárez and Sogamoso rivers, but has a cold climate further up in the mountains of the Yariguíes and San Javier. Typical dishes include chorotas (stuffed with corn), the typical Andean sancocho soup and goat, which abounds this area.

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For explorers and adventurers, visit the caves to see contains potassium nitrate. Divided into what the locals call salons (18), the expedition begins in a wide cavity where the low light that filters through the huge stones motivates one to continue with the tour.

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And for those lovers of pre-Colombian history and time, we recommend the holy field or the old cemetery. There, you’ll find the grave of the German Georg Ernest Heinrich Von Lengerke. He is the man that was immortalized in The Other Line Of The Tiger (book), written by  Zapatoca writer Pedro Gómez Valderrama. Georg Ernest, who made his way facing the natives, minting his own currency and creating a monopoly in the area, built many of the roads that connect Zapatoca with several other towns.