Tour Pueblitos Santander (San Gil – Barichara – Curiti)

We start this tour early in the morning to make sure we have ample time to reach our destinations and see all these incredible sites. Our tour guide will pick you up from your accommodation in Bucaramanga in your private van with A/C, and begin the journey to San Gil. As the sun begins to rise, we will just be hitting the Chicamocha Mountain range, where we will climb and wind our way through the incredible mountains. 

Once we reach the top, we will stop for breakfast at our favorite restaurant that is famous for the view of the mountains, as well as their Santander style arepas and soup. After we finish our meal and everyone’s belly is full, we continue on our way to San Gil. Upon reaching San Gil, any extreme activities you have chosen to do (rafting, bungee, etc.) we will take you to the correct destination. These tours and experiences are close to one another, so if you are wanting to do several, you are welcome to. 

On the other hand, if you are wanting to relax in the nature of San Gil, Parque Gallineral is a great place for that (entrance fee included.) Located on the Fonce River, there is plenty of activities and areas to relax here. Take a walk through the canopy trees to see the native flowers and birds. There is also a beach area that is on the river; a perfect place to hang out and watch the people on their rafts and kayaks. After you finish with any activities, we will reboard the van and head towards Barichara which is just a short 35 minute drive away.

Barichara is known as the “prettiest town” in Colombia, and for good reason. The town is so well preserved with white buildings, with their red clay roofs that are very attractive to the eye. Barichara also has incredible views of the Chicamocha Mountains, and has a lookout on the edge of town where you can see for miles. More can’t-miss attractions in Barichara are the Cemetery, the massive Cathedral in the center of town, and the Principal Park. With numerous tuk-tuks roaming around the town, feel free to jump in one to do a tour of the city in a fun, charming vehicle. We can recommend a good number of restaurants for you to enjoy a local lunch in Barichara, and after you have had time to experience the majestic town, we head to Curiti.

Just a stones throw from Barichara, Curiti is heaven for those who love local handicrafts and one-of-a-kind gifts. Here, you can buy some of the best quality original goods in the region, and from a place whose name means “town of weavers” in the local indigenous language, we wouldn’t expect any less! We will take you through the quaint cobbled streets to a local artisan market, where you will have the chance to buy unique goods such as tablecloths and rugs, so you can bring a little piece of Colombia back home with you. If shopping isn’t your thing, however, you can visit the local caves, immense natural formations filled with stalagmites and stalactites; a magical underground world of wonder. 

As the day comes to an end, we will load back up in the van before we head back to Bucaramanga and drop you off at your hotel. Take time to reflect on this spectacular day exploring the best towns of Santander, as night falls and we get you back timely and safely.


San Gil (parque gallineral ) , Barichara ( The Cemetery, Main Square, Immaculate Conception Cathedral, Viewpoint Serranía de los Yariguíes, and more) , Curiti ( Artisan workshops, Sedimentary caves, and “La Vaca” cave)


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