The increible San Vicente Chucuri is not know by many people but it has potential tourist hotspot this place counts with diverse place to visit, for more information about San Vicente check out day trips.

From: $165.00

 2-day tour to San Gil Barichara and its surroundings the perfect places to know diversity that regions offer. The client can decide when they want to visit Barrichara El Socorro and Juan Curi Waterfalls for more information check out the day trips.

From: $125.00

2-day tour to San Gil and its surroundings like Barrichara and Guadalupe the combination of adventure nature and culture it's perfect. The client can decide when they want to visit Barrichara El Socorro and Juan Curi Waterfalls.

From: $515.00

Zapatoca is far away town very popular tourist trails and with a pleasant climate, We recommend doing a 2 day trip to have no rush and enjoy this incredible place for more information check out our day trip of Zapatoca.

From: $470.00

3-day tour in San Gil, Barichara and all of the surroundings offer an opportunity to know different places. We offered you the decision to visit whenever you want El Socorro De Juan Curi Waterfalls or San Gil Extreme sports.

From: $780.00

3-day tour San Gil and its surroundings, Barrichara and Guadalupe is the perfect combination of adventure with nature and culture. The client cans decide when they want to visit Barrichara El Socorro and Juan Curi Waterfalls, the San Gil extreme sports or do the mentioned destination in the first two days

From: $200.00

 3-day tour in San Vicente de Chucuri and its surroundings the most complete experience for an adventurous traveler you have the opportunity to know many differents incredible place in one region.

From: $220.00

Celebrate the archeological heritage of Colombia and discover new species of flowers, birds, and trees that you may not find in any other part of the world. Make sure you bring your camera to capture..

From: $140.00

Experience the rural and elegant hillsides of Medellin on your own personal All-Terrain Vehicle with Hi Medellin! We have the best ATV tour in Medellin and surrounding areas with all the latest equipment..

From: $145.00

Visiting Barichara is a date with the tranquility and peace of times that has be gone for a long time .  Walking aimlessly through the streets, you will clearly hear your steps and you can surrender to your..

From: $65.00


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