San Vicente de Chucuri
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San Vicente de Chucuri is a warm and cordial town of sorrounded by forests interwoven with cocoa crops and beautiful landscapes. It’s located just 87 kilometers from Bucaramanga.

This is a center for ecotourism, San Vicente de Chucurí offers all kinds of natural settings, making it possible to practice extreme sports and adventure tourism too. It has sites of great interest such as the Yariguíes Natural Park.

The Lenguerke Trail, the Cave of the Airplanes, the Miraflores Ecological Park, the Villa Río Estadero and the water route bring countless enjoyable opportunities to see waterfalls, swimming pools and natural wells.

The area’s cultural and artistic traditions have been recognized throughout the National territory, making this town an important center of cultural development. Artists from this area often represent Colombia in international events in Europe, Central America and South America.

San Vicente de Chucurí is recognized nationally for the riches of its land and the warmth of its people. Embedded in the foothills of the Yariguíes National Park it offers its visitors a diversity of tourist scenarios for extreme sport, eco-recreation, cultural and religious activities.

It has an average temperature of 27 ° C, its topography is hilly and contains great rivers of fresh and crystalline waters, where you can also enjoy natural spas.
En route you can appreciate the lush vegetation that rivers and streams cross, recieving the pleasant aroma that San Vicente de Chucurí gives us, “Natural Paradise”.