Pablo Escobar Tour Half Day

This half-day tour includes all you will need to get a picture of this kingpin’s wild life of crime. Learn about a man so powerful and feared, he went to prison on the one condition that he could build his own. We dare you to not get shivers down your spine as we take you to his final hideout spot, the place where he was killed by Colombian police, and the cemetery where his bones lay to rest

You know the name. You know the face. You’ve heard the legends. Now you can see where it all took place. Medellin was the home and base of operation for El Patron, the world’s most notorious criminal, or as you may call him, Pablo Escobar.

The name alone evokes memories of violence and extraordinary wealth. Hi Medellin will take you around Escobar’s home city with a bilingual guide that will tell you all the things you already know, while filling in all the gaps. You will feel all the Narco history come to life as we take you to all his old haunts. We paint a picture of a loving family man who was also a cold-blooded murderer, who wouldn’t let anyone come between him and his objectives. The tour will be in a comfortable car with AC and we will stop to take the best pictures and try some of Medellin’s best snacks! This is why Medellin is known around the world and it is a tour that should not be missed!


Pablo’s Prison, Cemetery, Pablo’s death place, Monaco Building.



What's Included

  • Hotel pick up and drop off
  • Private car with bilingual driver and AC
  • Travelers insurance
  • Fully narrated tour


The Experience