Mesa de los Santos

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Welcome to Mesa de los Santos

The Mesa de los Santos is located just 40 minutes from  Bucaramanga, a short distance from San Gil and Barichara. , It’s a small town that still has some well-preserved colonial architecture.The weather is warm during the day but at night the temperature can drop to 12 degrees Celsius so bring a coat. In this area, organic coffee of excellent quality is grown, recognized internationally.

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Among the cultural places we find Girón, known as the white city of Colombia. It is one of the 17 heritage towns of this country. still preserves its colonial architecture, stone streets, bridges made of calicanto and large white houses adorned by small and striking lanterns. At the end of the Tour you will see the entire metropolitan area from Ecoparque, Cerro del Santísimo that will be reached by cable car, there are 1380 meters of route to be in contact with the biodiversity of the region, an incredible moment that you can not miss.

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The statue El santisimo, standing 37 meters high in Ecoparque, it is the tallest sculpture in Colombia. Inside the monument there is an elevator that will allow you to visualize the best panoramic view of Bucaramanga and the metropolitan area at 40 meters high. You have to live this unforgettable experience! Enjoy the best of the artistic and cultural expressions in one place, and the park has souvenir shops and handmade orange and blackberry wines. And at the end of the night the park surprises us with a fantastic show of water and lights.

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The chicamocha canyon is the second largest canyon in the world. It’s one of the most amazing tourist destinations in the country and is near to the national park where you can enjoy a wide range of sports and cultural activities such as paragliding, cycling, hiking, rappelling or simply rest and enjoy the scenery. In a  cable car, you can descend to the bottom of the canyon to see the incredible and amazing natural landscapes it offers. Among the tourist attractions of the Mesa de los Santos are several viewpoints towards the Chicamocha Canyon. Explore the trails made by  the German Georg von Lengerke, the “jumping elf” waterfall (Salto de Duende) the “jumping monkey” waterfall (Saltos de los Micos) and the tourist centre “My Darling, Colombia”. The best season to visit the Salto del Duende waterfall  is during the rainy season, because the river carries more water and the waterfalls look even more impressive. The best views are on the other side of the canyon. Here you will also find a kiosk where you can buy patacones, masato, wafers with arequipe and other typical Santandereana food.

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In the rainy season it is best to go by van because the road to the waterfalls has so many holes and puddles. The road can become a muddy track and it can prove difficult if you go with a small car. You can also  take a bike, or a walk in the area, which is very nice. Take the opportunity to visit El mercado campesino de acuarela and on the way have lunch or typical snack such as: corn arepa, chorizo or a mincemeat Then delight in the handmade desserts. This area is  a tourist center. It is full of  local crafts and souvenirs, it has restaurants, a church, an event hall and a museum dedicated to the Guane. It is one of the most visited places by Santandereans who spend their weekend at the Mesa de Los Santos. Among other things, you can camp, ride a horse, enjoy the Natural Park and much more. And don’t forget to visit the first and only open-air butterfly garden in the country, and one of the few in the world. It was strategically built to generate an optimal and pleasant environment for the butterflies, so that they want to stay in it.