Slum Tour

With Hi Colombia Travel you can live a truly unique experience visiting the slums of the city where, in some parts, modernity and innovation battles against the vestiges of a dark history of violence and poverty. Luckily, social action over the past 20 years means that these slums are hardly recognizable compared to how they were a few decades ago, and the influx of tourism has made them completely safe to visit, along with improving the quality of life of their inhabitants.

We start the tour in Moravia barrio, North East Medellin, a fascinating neighborhood that was actually originally constructed on top of a huge rubbish heap, which brought not only terrible smells, but health risks for the adults and children who lived there. This neighborhood has now become an example of the resilience and strength of the local people, and hearing its story is an unmissable experience. The tour them moves to the bustling Downtown, popular for commerce and, unlike newer well-to-do areas like el Poblado, still retains some of the gritty urbanism of its past.

As the city of Medellin is built inside a valley, the construction of the Metrocable cable car system has been not only a touristic success, but also a godsend for many people living in poorer neighborhoods at the top of the valley. You can get breathtaking views of the city from the cable car, all included in our exclusive tour. The outdoor escalator in Comuna 13 has also turned a gruelling 35 minute climb into a 5 minute escalator ride, helping the community in a big way, equating movement with freedom and social advance. You will have the opportunity to explore Comuna 13 in San Javier, alongside our local professional bilingual guides who know this part of the city like the back of their hand. Check out some amazing graffiti art, and hear all about how the community has changed, developed and benefitted in recent years from investment, tourism and innovation.


Comuna 13 and  Barrio Moravia


What's Included

  • Hotel pick up and drop off
  • Relevant entry tickets
  • Travelers insurance
  • Parking fees
  • Fully narrated tour