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Hi Colombia Travel and their professional coffee guide will pick you up from your accommodation and begin your journey to the coffee plantations. As you leave Medellin, enjoy the wonderful surrounding scenery that could be a tour in itself

From: $ 245

What’s something the Paisas (locals from Medellin) are famous for? Friendly hospitality, dashing good looks, yes, but most importantly of all their incredible food, of course! Try some classic local delights with us at HiMedellin on this must-see tour.

From: $ 100

Lose yourself (and then find yourself again) wandering amongst the bright colors of the exotic fruits and vegetables of Medellin’s best markets.

From: $ 80

Palmitas is arguably Medellin's sweetest, safest, and most rural suburban town. Its people live life at a slow pace, and are extremely friendly and welcoming. On this tour in Palmitas, you will learn all about the production of coffee, from picking the coffee beans, to drying and roasting them, until you can finally drink the smooth, fruity-but-acidic liquid.  

From: $ 145


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