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Celebrate the archeological heritage of Colombia and discover new species of flowers, birds, and trees that you may not find in any other part of the world. Make sure you bring your camera to capture..

From: $ 140

Walking through urban, metropolitan Medellin, it is easy to forget that this was an old Spanish Colonial city. Hi Medellin wants to take you back in time. We want you to relive the days of the Spaniards and how they transformed Colombia, some for better, some for worse.

From: $ 245

This tour is available either as a full-day tour or a half-day tour, so you can pick the tour that suits your schedule, interests, and budget best. We are so excited to show you the best of Medellin and you are sure to love this outdoor tour in the city of eternal Spring; a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the temperate climate of Antioquia.

From: $ 160

Here at Hi Medellin, we like to cater to every type of traveller. We have the city and the Medellin tours for the city folk and the history buffs. However, if you want to venture out of the big city and see the beautiful Andean landscapes that cradle Medellin, a trip to Guatape and el Peñol is a must. 

From: $ 195

Not afraid of a good hike in nature? You're going to just love this tour to Quebrada La Miel, near the town of Envigado. Kilometers of green trees, dotted with waterfalls, lookout points, and flora and fauna galore, any nature lover is sure to feel more than at home. 

From: $ 115

This tour is the perfect introduction to the beautiful landscapes of the Medellin valley. Explore El Peñol village and the famous Piedra de Peñol where you can take perfect instagram-worthy photos of the emerald-green lakes surrounding this wonder of nature. It's also a great chance to stretch your legs after a long plane ride as you climb over 700 stairs to get to the top!

From: $ 230

This tour is a cut above the rest, as we also take you to climb the famous “Piedra de Peñol” near Guatape town, a breathtaking natural formation which not only offers panoramic views of the emerald-green lakes around it, but also a good spot to spy Pablo’s abandoned mansion, which now lies in ruins on the lake’s edge.

From: $ 345

This full-day, 8-hour tour includes all activities in the half-day tour, with the added bonus of visiting Comuna 13, one of Medellin’s most notorious neighborhoods, which used to be controlled by Escobar and his gang. 

From: $ 170

Hi Medellin will take you around Escobar’s home city with a bilingual guide that will tell you all the things you already know, while filling in all the gaps.

From: $ 230

You know the name. You know the face. You’ve heard the legends. Now you can see where it all took place. Medellin was the home and base of operation for El Patron, the world’s most notorious criminal, or as you may call him, Pablo Escobar.

From: $ 100


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