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The wonders of Colombia will have you exploring colonial cities, climbing volcanoes, trekking through steamy jungles and barren deserts, and basking in the white sands of the palm-fringed beaches

Celebrate the archeological heritage of Colombia and discover new species of flowers, birds, and trees that you may not find in any other part of the world. Make sure you bring your camera to capture..

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Experience the rural and elegant hillsides of Medellin on your own personal All-Terrain Vehicle with Hi Medellin! We have the best ATV tour in Medellin and surrounding areas with all the latest equipment..

From: $ 145

If you are in search of extreme adventure while in Colombia, look no further than bungee jumping in San Gil! This is a great activity to pair with the San Gil rafting, as they are very close to each other, and you even go past the bungee site while on the rafting trip. 

From: $ 220

Climbing in the Chicamocha Canyon is an activity that a lot of travelers miss as they do not know how to get to Colombia's largest climbing park “La Mojarra”.

From: $ 210

Upon reaching the destination, our guide takes you for a quick, but charming hike through the woods and along a creek, where you will crisscross back and forth through large rock boulders. .

From: $ 228

This little-explored corner of our wonderful country is quickly growing in popularity, and brings a real meaning to the phrase “magical realism”; in Santander, it becomes clear that here, beauty has no limits. Marvel at the immensity of nature from the cable cars..

From: $ 230

Visiting Barichara city tour is a date with the tranquility and peace of times that has be gone for a long time. Walking aimlessly through the streets, you will clearly hear your steps and you can surrender to your..

From: $ 65

Unwind in idyllic surroundings, escape from the craziness of adrenaline filled activities, and enjoy rural tourism in its finest form.

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Hi Colombia Travel and their professional coffee guide will pick you up from your accommodation and begin your journey to the coffee plantations. As you leave Medellin, enjoy the wonderful surrounding scenery that could be a tour in itself

From: $ 245

Walking through urban, metropolitan Medellin, it is easy to forget that this was an old Spanish Colonial city. Hi Medellin wants to take you back in time. We want you to relive the days of the Spaniards and how they transformed Colombia, some for better, some for worse.

From: $ 245

Hi Medellin will take you to marvel at the Gothic architecture of El Castillo Museum and its beautiful green gardens. This beautiful building with pointed turrets like something out of a Disney movie was inspired by the castles of..

From: $ 90

What’s something the Paisas (locals from Medellin) are famous for? Friendly hospitality, dashing good looks, yes, but most importantly of all their incredible food, of course! Try some classic local delights with us at HiMedellin on this must-see tour.

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