Bucaramanga is the capital and largest city of the department of Santander, Colombia.

Known as the city of parks, Bucaramanga is the capital of Santander, it has more than 72 parks in the metropolitan area. The fifth largest metropolitan area in Colombia. The climate has an average temperature of 23° C and a maximum of 29°C. The cuisine, Santandereana food is one of the most delicious in Colombia, a seductive and forbidden mixture of flavors that, like extreme sports, make this department another planet .
Among the cultural places we find Girón, known as the white city of Colombia. It is one of the 17 heritage towns of this country. The town has well preserved colonial architecture, stone streets, bridges made of calicanto and large white houses adorned with small and striking lanterns.
At the end of the tour you will see the entire metropolitan area from Ecoparque, Cerro del Santísimo that will be reached by cable car. The route spans 1380 meters putting you in touch with the biodiversity of the region. It’s an incredible moment that you cannot miss.
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The statue El Santisimo, standing 37 meters high in Ecoparque, is the tallest sculpture in Colombia. Inside the monument there is an elevator that will allow you to see the best panoramic view of Bucaramanga and the metropolitan area at 40 meters high. You have to live this unforgettable experience! Enjoy the best of the artistic and cultural experiences in one place, and the park has souvenir shops and handmade orange and blackberry wines. At the end of the night the park surprises us with a fantastic show of water and lights.
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Roasted in the oven or fried and accompanied as it should with mute and arepas.
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Tamal Santandereano

Wrapped in a rectangular shape and made from corn dough, this tamal is filled with chickpea, onion, paprika, parsley, coriander, pork, Creole chicken or turkey.
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It’s a soup that has a bit of everything, beef rib, pork and callus mixed with a variety of grains and spices
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Carne Oreada

A classic of Santander’s food, is marinated beef, salted and sun dried. 
Santander food

Arepa Santandereana

Made with fine ground corn, cassava and pork rinds

Veleño snack

Sweet prepared based on ripe sweet guava
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Hormigas Culonas

Ants are an ancestral dish par excellence, tradition inherited from pre-Columbian culture
In addition to this great gastronomic experience, this beautiful city offers a lot of interesting places to visit. The culture in this city is abundant, from plastic arts to painting, sculpture and photography. It has historical museums, the famous leather footwear and leather goods stores, shopping centers with a variety of products and an attractive Provincial Viaduct, known as the novena viaduct. It is a cable-stayed bridge with central lighting and is the longest bridge in Colombia.