The City of the eternal spring

Medellin travel, with its many faces, is a city of contrasts; modern and traditional, colorful and monotone, green and concrete, rich and poor. It also happens to be one of the most rapidly developing cities in Latin America. Medellin has become a hub of culture, innovation, and tourism. The city has made a drastic turnaround from its violent reputation during the days of the narco kings. 
You can see how the city has changed and how the city continues to grow and develop. How Medellin and its friendly locals are becoming examples to follow for the rest of the country. Medellin has a huge expat community, meaning that thousands of people from all over the world have gathered in the city to enjoy its green spaces, delicious food, modern metro system (the only one in the country) and stunning landscapes. Explore some of the best Medellin tours and day trips with Hi Colombia Travel.
Parque Lleras
Located in the heart of el Poblado, Parque Lleras is the party center of Medellin. It is where the young and beautiful, the wealthy and the hip all gather to sip cocktails and gossip in a friendly and safe environment. From Thursday to Saturday the streets are filled with night-time partygoers queueing up to enter the city’s best clubs, where a wide range of music styles are on offer, to suit a variety of tastes. Your house or apartment will act as the perfect base for exploring this happening corner of Colombia’s coolest city. 


Considered to be one of Medellin’s wealthiest and most prestigious neighborhoods, El Poblado is definitely the place to see and be seen. El Poblado is a modern hub of activity, both at day and at night, and is a great place to pop into boutique shops, drink designer cocktails or find inner peace at your nearest yoga center. Spend your Saturday nights people-watching at the popular squares or dine at some of the city’s finest restaurants. 
This neighborhood boasts some of the best views of the city and transport from the house is easy to arrange. 
Whether you’ve come to Medellin to relax, shop, or party – or a combination of all three – El Poblado is the perfect base to enjoy all that this magical city has to offer. 
Guatape Medellin
No trip to Medellin would be complete without a visit to postcard-pretty Guatape – a quaint and colorful town with so much to offer. Step out of the house and find yourself in the middle of a rainbow, amongst the famous “zocalos” – the brightly painted skirting-boards of the houses which depict traditional Colombian country scenes – stroll along the cobbled streets to find restaurants offering local delights, and if you’re feeling up for a hike, take a trip to the famous Piedra de Peñol, a huge rock with the craziest zig-zag staircase which, once at the top, will give you breathtaking views of the Guatape reservoir, where you will be enchanted by the turquoise color of the water and spectacular views of the town. 
Revel in the delights of one of Colombia’s most picturesque towns and breathe in the fresh countryside air. Guatape is a diamond in the rough and anyone who has the opportunity to stay there is truly blessed.
Sabaneta, a neighborhood located in the south of the valley, has been called the “future of Medellin”. With more open space than el Poblado, and a village-like feel, it provides a good escape from the chaos of the city but also has easy access to the center by metro or taxi. Sabaneta boasts some great nights out and a variety of bars, cafés and restaurants. Stroll along the shady, tree-lined streets in the “eternal Spring” of Medellin and treat your tastebuds to some traditional Colombian food. The modern shopping mall will satisfy all your shopping needs and offers scenic views of the entire valley. Sabaneta is the perfect place for those who enjoy the laid-back feel of a village, but don’t want to be too far from the action of the city. 

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