Known as "the prettiest town in Colombia", this magical colonial town is unforgettable.

 It was founded in 1705 and stands out for its architecture of the late eighteenth century with a warm dry climate between 17 and 27 degrees and the mountains at 1500 meters high. If one thing distinguishes Barichara from other towns, it’s its orange color, derived from the stone that the streets and the walls of the houses are made of. It is famous for its colonial architecture, its quiet cobbled yellow streets and its adobe houses with white facades. It is like going back in time here you can return to the colonial era.

In the main park is the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception made of sandstone and with an altar of gold leaf. Around the park you will find different shops where they manufacture and sell handmade items of the town such as bags, shoes, jewelry and figures carved in stone.

Barichara 1

In addition, if you think that artistic activities are for you, you have the opportunity to make handmade paper for yourself, from Lanta Fique, making this activity an experience that you will not want to miss. In the surroundings of the town you will find majestic viewpoints of the Suarez canyon, which will be visited during the tour.

With our private Barichara tours, if you want to do some physical activity, you can enjoy a quiet walk along the Royal road, or parts of it, a path with a lot of history that was built 150 years ago by the famous German immigrant Geo Von Lengerke.

The complete route is about 5 km and it will take approximately 2 hours. Where you can take a look at Barichara full of magic, tensions and contradictions that you will hardly find in another type of tour.

Barichara 2